Friday, September 4, 2009



What a difference a day makes. Heather spent some quality time with Mommy today and when I came back to the room she was smiling. Mommy finally is enjoying some of what Daddy has been experiencing and Karen really enjoyed it. Heather has suddenly turned the corner and was all smiles this evening playing with her Momma and Pappa. We believe the beginnings of this change occurred yesterday when Karen drew a picture of a fish Heather started to draw fish too and drew a great big fish with a smiley face.

Karen wants everyone at Gwinnet Medical Center to know that Heather is enjoying the book “Goodnight Moon” even though it is in English. She is also enjoying the dresses and her favorite songs that Karen sings to her are “You are my sunshine” and “London Bridge is falling down”.

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  1. So glad to hear about the smiles. Don't they just make your day?! I'm sure you'll see more and more of them as Heather gets more relaxed and comfortable. What fun to catch fish! I don't remember seeing anything like that on our trip. Thinking of you all!