Thursday, September 3, 2009

09/03/2009 - Guangzhou

We went to the park this morning and Heather caught some fish in the little fish pond. She was the best fish catcher there even better than the little boys. We then came home and she was crying the whole way. Once we got into the room we played a Mickey Mouse video for her and she fell asleep while watching it. We then placed her in the crib where she slept for an hour and a half which is her normal nap time. Then we all went for a walk around the Island, Heather in her stroller watching everything. We have seen a big change this afternoon, smiles and playing with us drawing pictures and playing with play-doo. She is so good at putting things away after she is done. She is now pouring her drink into the cap and drinking from the cap. I believe we will have to get her a little tea set so that she can play hostess. To wrap this up all I can say is hooray!!!


See the picture here with Heather and I with the fish she caught.



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