Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Here is a picture of Heather sleeping. This gave Karen and I a break for a little bit, Heather has really been attached to me for the last few days but today she finally will let Karen hold her for longer than a few minutes.  Yesterday we bought some picture books showing both the English name and Chinese name for some common items. We showed the books to her last night and this morning while I was sitting with her she went to the books and brought one over to me. I noticed she was looking for something particular and she was saying che so I got her the book with cars, bikes, and a stroller in it when she saw the stroller she pointed to it and ran to the stroller smiling the whole way because she was able to communicate that she wanted to go for a stroll. Now this of course was not the first time we have gone for a stroll but she was so excited so we went out. She always wants to go out and today one lady told us she is looking for her sisters. She is missing the other girls so much and she has been looking for them every time we go out. Will have more updates later today.

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