Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heather dressed up for her Pre-K photo

Heather has been registered for Pre-K to start in August. Each child has to have their picture taken for the registration process and today is the day for Heather. Karen laid out a beautiful dress and sweater for Heather to wear for her photo. Last night when mom told her that she had to dress for a photo tomorrow she became upset and at dinner she was crying. We asked her why and she said that she was scared. We asked why are you scared and she mentioned having her picture taken. It clicked with both of us at the same time that perhaps Heather was scared because neither mommy or daddy would be there for the picture. Maybe it reminded her of the pictures she had taken in China for her Chinese Passport and her American visa. In all the official pictures in China she was crying, perhaps she was thinking that another big change is coming. We both took turns holding her and assuring her that we, Mommy and Daddy are her's forever and ever. She calmed down and ate her dinner while sitting in Mommy's lap. Times like this remind us that she wants so much to be sure that she is home for good but at times doubts arise in her mind and we must be sure to comfort her and tell her that we love her very much. The crowning touch to yesterday evening was Heather asking for a family hug saying she loves Mommy and Daddy.