Friday, October 30, 2009

10/30/2009 - Heather in her Halloween Costume.

Today Heather got dressed in her Halloween costume and was off to participate in a parade at the Day care center that she will be attending mid-November when my wife returns to work. She enjoyed visiting her future school and meeting the kids that she will be spending alot of time with soon. She was a bit nervous early on not really comprehending why all the kids were dressed in different outfits. She warmed up after a little while and did not want to leave.

Her english is coming along and she is speaking in whole sentences. Just this morning Karen went to Heather's room and asked her if she needed to use the bathroom, her response, I have already done that mommy. Karen smiled and gave her a high five.


  1. Oh, how sweet! It's just great to see all these girls at home and soooo happy!

  2. Great costume! She looks beautiful... as always. She is looking very happy and settled. Glad she enjoyed her first Halloween.

  3. Happy Halloween! Heather looks adorable in her costume and you all look very happy together!