Monday, August 17, 2009

We depart in 7 days for China

We are getting very excited here in the Killackey household. We have been very busy getting everything ready for Heather. We will be leaving August 26th for China to bring her home. To date we have received pictures and short video clips of Heather and we cannot wait to hold her in our arms on August 31st for the first time.
Karen and I love the bib she is wearing though we plan not to spoil her it will be tough nonetheless.


  1. Karen and Tom,

    Just found your blog. I'm so thrilled that you will finally be leaving to bring Heather home. Cannot wait to see her in the arms of her new mom and dad! If you are like us, you will pack and repack and repack to fit everything (while trying to save a little space to bring home some treasures). Wishing you a safe trip and thanks for letting us follow along. She's a very special little girl!

    Wendy Ditmars

  2. Looking forward to following along as you go to China to get Heather! Enjoy every moment!