Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting ready!!

We have just about everything done and will be packing tomorrow in preparation for departure on Wednesday. We are looking forward to having Heather in our arms but dread the trip.


  1. Hey guys.Jim and I are thinking about you and cannot wait to check your updates.We know you two will have an exciting trip to China and your bringing home the best part of the trip.This is a special time for you both and Heather. Thanks for sharing it with us.We are right there with you at heart anxious and waiting to see whats next for this Killackey family.Isn't that cool the Killackey family.See ya soon .Keep this updated so we can know all the exciting details.Have a wonderful trip and Karen I already miss you .

  2. Hey guys! Can't wait for your return with that special little girl. Hope you have a great trip and bring home many happy memories too!